See what Eileen's recent customers had to say about her!

Thank you so much for sharing your humbling and astounding depth of knowledge yesterday. I’ve never had much exposure to the sales side of things and that peek behind the curtain was incredibly eye-opening! I also appreciate the level of enthusiasm you brought through the entire presentation. The subject matter may not be very naturally enticing for most, but you managed to keep everyone’s attention, so well done!

May 8th, 2019 Federal Sales Game-How to Play to WIN! Custom Keynote
PTAC/CIRAS Event in Cedar Rapids, IA May 8, 2019

Patrick McCullough, MBA
Shoot for the Moon

Your presentation was excellent. What you are doing is something that I have asked for years.

May 8th, 2019 Federal Sales Game-How to Play to WIN! Custom Keynote
PTAC/CIRAS Event in Cedar Rapids, IA May 8, 2019

Ron Christensen
Revolt Inc.

Don’t you just rock, Eileen Kent!! Bravo… well-done!! Another phenomenal training successfully executed!! Thank you for all your hard work.

2019 Three-Step Program for an Ability One Contracting Team of 10

Dan Bailey, Senior Manager
Strategic Business Development

We originally thought we needed to have our own GSA Schedule (which is a costly and time consuming process). Eileen helped us with the analysis that lead to the following conclusions:

  1. We didn't need our own schedule (which saved us time and money)
  2. Instead of targeting the customers we originally thought were right, she found two other huge markets, one of which we expect to have lower barriers to entry.
  3. She taught us how to use the tools so that we could do our own analysis; this is important because data constantly changes
  4. She made thoughtful introductions.
  5. She provided first hand examples which bring the story of "why" you do something - home.

One of the key take-aways I learned is that people who work for the government come from a "government familY" and they do it out of service to their country.

This completely changed the thoughts on my approach.

Dana Clemens

Eileen Kent first worked with Americraft in 2013 when we hired her to perform the three--step program. We never realized that it would take relationships with the electricians on base who would be installing our fans and we didn't realize we needed to build relationships with the customers, so in 2015, we decided to hire a full-time sales rep to execute the plan. Even though it had been 24 months after the three-step, Eileen helped our new team member with an overview of the three-step and has answered her questions promptly. Eileen has proven that supporting her plan and our success in executing it - is her success. We cannot imagine trying to navigate our way through the government arena without her help and would have never been able to get up and running as fast as we did. She is a "must-have" on your team if you plan on being success selling to the federal government!

Anne Neuville
Government Marketing Director
Americraft Manufacturing Co., Inc.

After taking the three-step, we now understand our marketplace, who we need to call, who we need to reach out to for teaming, what to say, how to track the intelligence as a team and continue to build our strategy based on the contracting data that's available.

BUT, Eileen Kent went above and beyond when I called her with a challenge. I wanted to communicate the sustainable solution that Finish Line Floors offers to the federal decision makers who care about being green, and meeting their LEED sustainability goals. She suggested I build a White Board video communicating our message and she even wrote the copy for the video script. Within a month, we had our video produced and a website landing page built and believe me it was well within our small marketing budget!

Thanks to Eileen Kent, our message is now clear, concise and full of impact.

Geoff Ladell
Finish Line Floors

I recently finished a three day (every Friday for 2.5 hours each) course from Eileen Kent on how to sell into the Government channel. The information and tools she supplied is extremely insightful and I now know how to approach the government contracts in ways I would have never known (or would have taken me 10-years of contact work to learn). It seems that just because you have a GSA Contract doesn't mean they will come.

Dovell Bonnet

Thank you for the positive impact your training and ongoing support has had on our business. Since completing your process, we have shortened our sales cycle with government clients and increased the percentage of projects we secure. In addition we have expanded our network with our target government entities and have begun developing relationships with other prime contractors.

The knowledge and understanding of the process you have provided has dramatically increased our success and growth.

Geoff Ladell
Finish Line Floors

Eileen is one of the most knowledgeable speakers we have ever had address our Chamber members and I've been with the RO Chamber for almost 13 years. Her energy is through the roof and her real life scenarios regarding how to get to the decision makers in any Federal position are priceless. I've had several of the attendees go out of their way to tell me how much they learned from Eileen. I can't thank her enough for sharing her information with our members. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Talk about value added!

Shelly Kemp
Executive Director at Royal Oak Chamber of Commerce

Not only did Eileen deliver a very helpful competitive analysis and action plan for our GSA sales team (among many other incredibly helpful insights to selling to the Feds) but she has since gone so far above and beyond what we had originally paid her to do, it would be difficult to describe in this recommendation. We hired her in June or July of 2013 and she still to this day has continued to support us with any questions that come up. She is an absolute expert in her field and has been a complete blessing to our business here.

Prior to hiring Eileen, we were literally receiving on average 1 order per month through GSA and now we are averaging closer to 30 per month. She is the absolute best and I would highly recommend her.

Shane Boland
Chemco Industries

Eileen is an excellent federal marketing consultant whose experience and personal knowledge of the federal marketing game gave us the intel we needed to develop a customized marketing plan. We have implemented her new plan and are very happy with the initial results.

Lindsey Gregory
Electrical Services

We hired Eileen to develop a federal sales strategy for our small WOSB manufacturing facility. Even in her first visit, she was able to quickly understand our products and vision, recommend possible partnerships 

in both industry and government, and offer many sales and marketing tips. Her knowledge and detailed analysis saved us months - maybe even years - in learning the ropes of selling to the government and identifying our real opportunities. Her creativity and enthusiasm make her a joy to have as part of our team. More importantly, we saw immediate results. Within the first month of following her plan, we landed 3 new government orders and formed 2 industry partnerships. She is truly THE federal sales Sherpa! She won't steer you wrong!

Linda Jamerson
Aluminum Case Company

"Eileen is a Superlative speaker, teacher and a savvy motivator. Always providing great guidance and support you need to achieve your company’s goals. I recommend Eileen without reservation to anyone seeking a strategic, perceptive and results-oriented sales guru.

Moses Olaniran
LPM Supply

The biggest eye opener for us has been understanding clearly what Eileen calls, ‘The Raging River of Rules’ and how to help the federal customer cross it safely while working with us.

Michael Mantzkem
Global Data Sciences - My Secure Delivery

Thank you so much for all this great information. It has been a pleasure going through this training with you. We have all learned a lot and we are excited to start populating the spreadsheet and making calls.

Mike O'Malley, Mary O'Malley & Jennifer Thornberry

Thank you Eileen for your enthusiasm as well as your knowledge you were able to share. With what we have learned we should be able to make some much needed progress. Thank you again!

Jeanette Wohlford
Cobra Systems, Inc., Pitot Adapters

Eileen is one of the best personal & professional investments I've ever made. If you thought you knew it all, about working with the Federal Govt. /GSA, and came to realize you didn't Eileen will be your secret treasure trove of information on who, what & where, the when will be up to you. Her bonus to you is: You'll be motivated and educated!

Virginia Johnson
Johnsons Inc.

Thank you so much for your time and encouragement. I look forward to giving you some good news on my results with the fed. The action plan and all of the contacts within are priceless. I will continue to develop local business and keep developing those contacts you gave us until they start to pay off. Thanks again for giving me the ammunition needed to take this on. All of a sudden, the fed system does not look so impenetrable.” Sincerely, John Mesa His recent recommendation at LinkedIn: “Eileen’s creativity and efficiency is tempered by her selfless passion and ability to help her client gain success then introducing them to others creating mutually beneficial networks. She is “excellence.

John Mesa
Electrix USA